The following Terms and Conditions apply to all transactions in the Ecoactiv Recycling Platform.
See below for key terms and conditions that you need to know and instructions you need to follow once you have completed your Order. 


  1. READ THE ORDER CONFIRMATION EMAIL CAREFULLY. This contains important instructions on what to do, how to separate, handle and pack your Items and print labels for boxes.
  3. PACKING OF GOODS: Please ensure goods are securely packed as outlined in the Ordre Confirmation email, for pick up by the driver and drop off where provided.
  4. GOODS INFORMATION: Please review and ensure ALL details listed below in Goods Information are accurate. If this information changes (e.g. number of items for collection increases), please advise us immediately by calling 1800 489 278 to avoid driver collection issues.
  5. SECURITY REQUIREMENT: Please ensure the Driver has the correct paperwork (i.e. Order reference & consignment number) on arrival and your details of the collection match.
  6. PAYMENT LIABILITY FOR NON-COLLECTION: If the goods are not available when the driver arrives, or they are not packed in accordance with the details provided above, the driver will not collect goods and the customer will be liable for a “futile pick up fee”. See terms and conditions for these fees.

To see a full list of terms, conditions and privacy policy please go to the Ecoactiv website:

Your collection will be processed by the Ecoactiv team and we will contact you via email to confirm details of your chosen disposal method.

In progressing this request, you are accepting the terms and conditions of the program. For Full Terms and conditions please visit:

Neither Ecoactiv nor its partners or referring websites have responsibility for loss or confidentiality of customer data on recycled equipment.

Before providing equipment for recycling, the customer or institution should

  • (a) back up or transfer any data prior to deletion;
  • (b) delete data on the hard-disk drives and any other storage devices in the products; and
  • (c) remove any removable media, such as diskettes, CDs or PC Cards.

Once the hardware has been collected, it cannot be returned to the customer.

Participation in this program constitutes a relinquishment of all rights to and in the hardware and other computer materials sent for recycling. Ecoactiv has arranged these third-party services as an accommodation and accepts no liability to any person or institution for any services performed in connection with the recycling offered in these terms and specifically disclaims liability for lost profits, loss of business or other consequential, special, indirect or punitive damages, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.

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