Rethinking Recycling Waste – To a Circular Economy

The global population is growing and with it, the increase in consumption of resources has boosted the waste crisis. In Australia, the bulk of our waste is still going to landfills.

There is a need for an innovative solution to minimise and divert the waste. The intention must be to do it for the masses and create possibilities that are capable of delivering on a large economic scale. An alternative to this traditional linear model is a Circular Economy, which is designed to reuse, repurpose and regenerate.

What is a Circular Economy? 

Yes! The ultimate goal for the circular economy is to keep resources ‘alive’ for as long as it is possible. This means getting the most out of your products while they are in use and once their life span is complete, use them to recover and regenerate more products that can be used again. This concept is vital for moving towards renewable energy that will be the key to eliminate toxic chemicals within our premises. But why do people need to know about the circular economy? Because the change in industrial and technological approach has also increased the speed at which the items are being produced now. This has led to an increase in the amount of waste that is produced due to these resources. In Australia, this waste has jumped to double with the increase in population and now 67 megatonnes of waste are being produced every year.

Making the recycling process easier for People

The good part is that people are now more aware of the landfill issue and have the generally have the right intentions. However, to deliver on the zero waste targets and marginalise the landfill problem, there is a need for companies to adopt and underpin their operations with the circular economy principle. There are many notable companies already working to assist households and organisations with the best solutions to recycle waste. EcoActiv is one of the pioneers, offering hard waste collection solutions and digital platforms that are transforming the circular economy. From batteries, fluorescent tubes, globes, and bulbs, everything is recovered and can be used for processing and recycling.

How is the Circular Economy applied to EcoActiv’s services?

EcoActiv offers easy and affordable solutions to help manage waste and implement a circular initiative. Users of the EcoActiv hard waste and electronic waste services can organise for their home, office, business or school items to be recycled. Users can choose to have items picked up or dropped off at a recycling collection centre nearby.

Everything from home kitchen appliances to office furniture and fixture can be collected and disposed of with EcoActiv.

All items are recycled, donated or regenerated for different use.

With a circular economy, there is a unique opportunity to set the foundation for a society that produces a minimum amount of consumer waste. Ecoactiv is working to make it happen!