Environmentally friendly paint disposal with Ecoactiv.

Congratulations! You’ve finally finished your long-standing DIY spare room renovation. Or, maybe overestimated how much paint was really needed to makeover the dog kennel?


Whatever the project, your garage or shed might now be housing half-empty paint cans and they’re starting to collect dust…


Did you know that Australians throw away 15 million kilograms of unused paint every year?


The different inks, dyes, varnishes and strippers can leach into our groundwater and cause damage to our environment as well as health risks to the population.


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Paint Material Recycling with Ecoactiv

Ecoactiv has partnered with Paintback who provides subsidies on the cost of recycling water-based and oil-based paints. Other paint products, such as the following attract a small fee for recycling:

Aerosol paints

Anti fouling coatings

Automotive paints

Bagged renders

Caulking compounds, epoxies, glues or adhesives

Colorants and tints


Melamine, metal and rust preventative

Metal coatings

Paint additives and thinners, solvents and mineral spirits


Tar or bitumen based products

Traffic paints

At Ecoactiv, we provide advice on how to correctly dispose of unused paint and organise a drop off location or pick up of your unwanted paint materials. You can contact Ecoactiv to discuss your individual requirements and book a pick up or delivery from one of their many recycling partners across the country.

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The benefits of recycling your leftover paint

Correctly disposing of unwanted and unused paint helps to:

Minimise harm to the environment by diverting it from landfill.

Reduce toxic chemicals out of ground water and keep our waterways clean.

Care for the Earth and the health of its humans.

Increase recovery of valuable resources and contribute to the circular economy.

Recycling your old paint significantly reduces landfill in Australia.

What happens to recycled paint?

When you drop off or have your leftover paint picked up, it’s taken to a specialised waste facility where it is processed and sorted into water based and solvent based paints. 

Solvent based paint is recycled into an alternative energy source. Water based based paint is separated into liquid and solid to use as water sources and fuel. Plastic paint packaging is also recycled.

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