125kg Melamine Modular Recycling Station & Service


How It Works:
This low-cost product is the ideal system for managing Household Problem Wastes such as handheld batteries, light bulbs, fluoro tubes, printer cartridges, and mobile phones. It has been developed to meet the needs of local councils. The stations are ideally suited to council foyers, service centers, libraries, community houses, and educational institutions

The standard station comes as a 3 Door unit, however, this can be designed to include additional modules. The waste streams to be collected can be decided upon purchasing the recycling station (the picture is just an example of what we have completed for a number of companies).

Standard Station Dimensions (3 Door unit): 800mm x 400mm x 1100mm $2,414.50

Max Weight: 125kg

Price includes GST

Logistics – (Delivery of Recycling Stations to your site): $ Price on Application

Signage – (Company-specific branding of your Recycling Stations): $ Price on Application



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