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National Recycling week at ECOACTIV

ECOACTIV is taking action in support of this year’s National Recycling Week. The aim is to maximise environmental benefits through increased community recycling.

Recycle Your E-waste

We are partnering up with three different councils to host electronic waste recycling events. These one-day community events are open to residents to drop off their unwanted electronics, such as computers, televisions, stereos, printers and fax machines for free. The waste collected will contribute to the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme.

Events supported by ECOACTIV and council include:

Marrickville Council on Saturday November 8 at the Marrickville Council Works depot
Parramatta Council on Saturday November 15 at the Parramatta Council Works depot
Hobson’s Bay Council on Saturday November 15 at the Hobsons Bay City Council depot

ECOACTIV is also supporting the City of Ryde’s cheapest strattera online Schools eWaste Challenge, running from November 10-16.

Recycle Your Handheld Batteries

We are introducing our prepaid battery recycling initiative this month to help schools, businesses and households engaged in responsible battery recycling. To encourage community recycling initiatives, all orders placed during National Recycling Week November 10-16, will receive 10% off the standard pricing for our battery solution.

To start recycling your batteries, visit our shop

ECOACTIV aims to help organisations get involved in their workplace and responsibly manage their electronic and battery waste. Engaging staff and suppliers is the key to success.

*Battery recycling program is only offered in NSW, VIC, QLD

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