Year-round recycling for the Moreland City Council Community, enabled by Ecoactiv *

*Specific items and costs may apply

Moreland Council has partnered with Ecoactiv to offer residents year-round recycling and donation services for a range of items.

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How It Works

Book a contactless pick-up


Go to the Ecoactiv Platform


Tell us what items you want to recycle and responsibly dispose of


Give us the location of where the items are


Choose between having everything picked up or a customised service based on your preferences

What can you dispose of?

You can recycle a wide range of items

You can recycle or dispose of many items through the Ecoactiv Digital Platform. Below is a list of the most popular categories. Click on any tile to see the items you can recycle.

Computer Electronics
Heating Cooling
Kitchen Appliances
Materials Packaging
Phones Accessories

Looking for more Moreland services?

Moreland City Council provides a range of kerbside collection services for their community to recycle or dispose of goods at the end of their life.

Additionally, their online ‘A-Z guide to waste and recycling’ provides information on where to access other local services and disposal options.

Kerbside waste collection services

Recycling Stations located at Moreland’s Customer Service Centres for a limited range of items:

      • Household batteries
      • Mobile phones
      • Digital Cameras
      • CDs/DVDs
      • Fluoro tube light
      • VHS and cassette tape (Coburg only)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will COVID-19 impact my collection?

To keep staff, customers and the wider public safe, we have increased the safety of our service in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our collection service is still on-going and our collection team are practising safe pickups, which means they will not be entering premises and won’t make physical contact with customers. Simply tell us where you will leave your packaged items and we will collect, transport and process them.

To further ensure the safety of our customers and staff, we will not be accepting customer drop-offs to our processing facilities until further notice.

Will the Ecoactiv service cost me?

IT items and related accessories are recycled at no cost to the customer, as they’re sponsored by Ecoactiv partners.

Other items may incur a fee, depending on the weight, size and whether the customer wants the item to be collected from their home.

For alternative services available to the Moreland Council Community, visit

Is the recycling done in Australia or done offshore?

No items are shipped offshore, they are all dismantled and processed in Australia.

Can I use any box to package my items?

Yes, any durable box is suitable. Once you go through the 3-step process, you will receive an email with packaging and labelling instructions. It is important that you follow the instructions as some waste may go to one recycling facility and should be grouped together, while another “batch” might go to another location.

To avoid damaging other parcels transported by the courier, it is best if items are either securely packed in boxes or wrapped in bubble or cling wrap.

Do you destroy data on IT devices?

Your data is effectively destroyed during the shredding and recycling process and only raw materials and commodities remain after that.

Ecoactiv audits all this activity from collection, shipping, to receipt at the approved facility through to its destruction and certification.

Our recycling plants are certified and comply with Australian and international standards (AS/NZS:5377 and ISO 14001:2015).

Who can I contact if I need assistance?

Ecoactiv Helpdesk: 

Hotline — 1800 489 278 (Availale 9am – 5pm EST)
Email —