Fast & Reliable Mattress Recycling

Upgrading to a new mattress? Have your old one collected from your doorstep and recycled within Australia.

Book your mattress collection online

We have a booking site, called The Ecoactiv Platform, where you can book to have your mattress collected and recycled when it suits you.
All mattress sizes accepted including Cot, Single, Queen and King.

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Ecoactiv is a 21 year old Australian product stewardship company that makes giving old items, new life, easy for everyone.

When it comes to mattresses, we offer collections from both homes and commercial businesses, like hotels, in Melbourne Metro. We’re working on bringing this service to other states, including Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide (stay tuned).

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Choose that day that suits you to have your mattress collected


Our trusted and reliable drivers will arrive on your preferred day to collect your mattress


Your mattress will be sent to an Australian facility and will be recycled all on-shore

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What types of mattresses or beds do you collect?

    Ecoactiv collects all types of mattresses such as innerspring foam and latex but only upholstered box bases on wheels/castors/legs. 

    We are committed to helping you recycle everything that comes with your mattress, so that includes dismantled bed frames and slats.

    All sizes are available for collection: Cot, Single, Queen and King sized mattresses.

  • What areas in Australia do you collect mattresses from?

    We currently offer collections from both homes and commercial businesses, in Melbourne Metro. We are working on making our mattress recycling service available Australia-wide; including other major states like Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide.

  • Where do I leave my mattress for collection?

    You can leave your mattress for collection from your driveway, garage, carport, apartment building loading dock, or nature strip.

    Please ensure your mattress has been packaged correctly and placed outside of your booked location before your pick-up date or time. You will receive instructions on how to separate and / or package your items through or after the booking process in an email. It is important that you read this carefully and follow the packaging and labelling instructions.

  • How much does it cost?

    Ecoactiv offers mattress pickups at $80 for all sizes.

  • What if I’m unable to get the mattress outside?

    Please contact us to discuss a solution:


    T: +61 3 9831 7900

  • Why should I recycle my mattress?

    Over 300,000 mattresses are sent to landfill each year in Victoria. This is equivalent to over 5,700 per week. 

    Mattresses are made of valuable materials that are recyclable, this is wasted when they aren’t repurposed or disposed of correctly. 

    By recycling your mattresses correctly you:

    • Help reduce the amount of raw materials extracted from the environment
    • Help reduce air and water pollution as a result of the extraction and processing of raw materials
    • Reduce landfill.
  • What do I need to do to make sure my mattress gets collected (packaging)?

    For the health and safety wellbeing of our drivers and handlers, we require all mattresses to be covered in a plastic cover and no parts of the mattress to be exposed. It is also important your mattress arrives at the recycler intact to maximize its recyclability.

    You will receive instructions on how to separate and/or package your items through or after the booking process in an email.

  • How do I book a collection online?

    To book your collection online, all you need to do is:

    1. Head to to select the size and quantity of mattresses that need to be recycled
    2. Add your mattress/s to your list and press ‘Start processing’.
    3. Enter your address and details to confirm your booking.
    4. You can also add other home and commercial items to recycle to your list.
  • Prefer to send an enquiry instead?