Year-round disposal for households, apartment dwellers and businesses


The City of Sydney has partnered with Ecoactiv to offer you more disposal services, more often. Everything from your home kitchen appliances to your office fixture and fittings can now be disposed of through the Ecoactiv Digital Platform.

You can now also book a disposal when it suits you.  All online too! Choose between a Monday-to-Friday pick up or drop off at one of many convenient sites.

In driving a more sustainable future, we will prioritise all of your waste for recycling. Sending items to landfill will be our last resort. Together, we will work towards diverting 90% of our City’s waste from landfill by 2030.

ecoactiv platform

How does it work?

Book a disposal service online

Go to the online Ecoactiv Disposal Platform
Tell us what items you want to dispose of
Give us the location of your items
Select the disposal service that best suits you

Dispose of anything under your roof. Ecoactiv accepts all household and business hard waste and e-waste

You can dispose of many household and business items through the Ecoactiv Digital Platform. Below is a list of our most popular disposal categories. Click on any tile to see examples of items we accept and start your disposal booking!

Computer Electronics
Heating Cooling
Kitchen Appliances
Materials Packaging
Phones Accessories
See all disposal categories

Why you should dispose of your waste with Ecoactiv

Ecoactiv is underpinned by the Circular Economy, meaning we maximise all Earth’s resources and recycling waste is our first point of call. Disposing of your hard waste and e-waste with us means that you’re doing your part too in addressing our landfill problem.

1. You make the most of the limited resources we have.

Most of Earth’s natural resources used to manufacture your items come in limited quantities. By recycling your old or unwanted items – regardless of what it is – you’re providing materials that can be reused or regenerated into something else.

2.  It’s better for the environment and human wellbeing.

Items that contain chemicals, glass and other hazardous materials can sometimes leech into our water, air and soil if they are not dispose of properly. Consumption or inhalation of chemicals or waste remnants can also cause illnesses and diseases in serious case scenarios.

3. You’re helping address the landfill problem.

The landfill is a big problem globally and every country is looking for ways to reduce the amount of waste produced and dumped. By recycling your items you are diverting the product from going to landfill and alleviating the issue.

4. You help create more jobs.

Growing the recycling sector will require more hands. More people are needed for the pick up, collection,  recycling and regenerative process. This means that more workers will play a part in the circular economy.