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Total waste management solutions across your organisation

Large organisations need smart solutions for managing their post-consumer products and waste. Corporates, government departments and many public institutions are also at the forefront of adopting CSR policies and sustainability programs, including environmentally-oriented procurement.

In response to these requirements, ECOACTIV provides a total waste management solution that operates across the organisation and meets the specific needs of each department, division or business unit.

Our specific services allow you to focus on core activities while we manage all your asset recovery activity across the waste minimisation hierarchy. This includes a diverse range of services to manage all resale and re-marketing, repair and refurbishment, warranty claims and recycling activity.

Integral to ECOACTIV solutions and programs is how we work with organisations to better utilise existing partners and channels. We also make our pre-qualified network of ECOACTIV suppliers available for you to leverage as part of a joint solution to increase efficiencies and business relevance.

And for corporates, associations and organisations, it is important to know that ECOACTIV services cut across jurisdictions, regions, industry sectors, product categories and waste streams. The focus is on adding value, efficiency, effectiveness, innovation and environmentally improved outcomes.

In short, we focus on delivering the best net position i.e. revenue/cost, service, and material recovery/carbon outcome.

Register today and recycle your e-waste. The ECOACTIV IT equipment collection and recycling service is open to small, medium and large companies, retailers, government agencies, public institutions, healthcare related organisations, NGOs and not-for-profits.

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