Hard Waste Disposal & Recycling Services

Clearing out the garage? Making some space at home? Need to make good at the end of your lease?

Ecoactiv offers hard waste disposal and recycling for residents and businesses wanting to dispose of any items. We operate a “Whole of House, Whole of Business, Whole of Building” solution which means that anything under your roof can be disposed of and recycled with us.

Household Disposal & Recycling Service

Whether you’re looking to declutter or about to do a complete renovation, we can help you dispose of all of the old stuff you want out of the house.

Our team of experts can also help you with strip out parts you no longer want and give you a hand with the packing. With our strip out services, we can remove built-in bench tops, sinks, showers, kitchen appliances like ovens and dishwashers.

What We Take

Here are some items we can help you dispose of and recycle:

  • • Accessories                             
  •  • Lead Acid Batteries & Handheld Batteries
  • • Apparel                                   
  •  • Leisure and sporting equipment
  • • Appliances                               
  • • Mobility and transport devices and equipment
  • • Bedding & Manchester             
  • • Power Tools
  • • Car Batteries                             
  • • Textiles
  • • Crockery                                   
  • • Toys
  • • Electronics                               
  • • White goods
  • • Furniture
  • • Garden Tools
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Office and Retail Disposal & Recycling Services

Do you need to make good the meet your lease agreement? Or are you moving offices or renovating and wanting to dispose of furnishings, fixtures and installations you don’t want to reuse?

We offer a complete strip out service for office and retail spaces, big and small. Our team have years of experience and are experts in de-installing and removing furnishings, fixtures and installation, preparing the space for the next tenants.

We can strip out and help you dispose of these items:

  • • Air conditioning and HVAC systems           
  •  • Floor coverings
  • • Cubicles                                                           
  • • Non-load bearing partitions
  • • Desk & Chairs                                                 
  • • Solar Panels & Equipment
  • • Electronics                                                       
  • • Storage and packaging materials
  • • Fixtures & Fittings                                           
  • • Temporary floors & ceilings
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Construction Disposal & Recycling Service

We provide disposal services specific to the building and construction industries across all major cities in Australia.

We know that unused materials, debris and packaging can take up space on a construction site, making it difficult for your team to work effectively.

The dedicated team at Ecoactiv can help remove and recycle all of your unwanted construction waste, including:

• Bricks
• Concrete
• Glass
• Plastic
• Steel
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We give your items a second life

We’re prompt, professional and provide competitive prices. But there’s more to it.

All items collected through our hard waste disposal services are given a second life – whether it goes back on a shelf at an Op store or recycled and regenerated into something else. Sending items to landfill is always the last resort with Ecoactiv. This is part of our philosophy, where all of our services are underpinned by the Circular Economy. Items are repurposed, recycled, recovered and regenerated at the end of each service life for the better good of society and environment.

We have partnered with Australian Charities to also give you the option to donate your items. Depending on the item and condition of it, you will be able to explore donation as a disposal option. Any items that cannot be donated will be recycled.

What happens to your waste

Once collected, items are generally transferred to one of our dissembling and recycling facilities. Your hard waste is sorted by category and for potentially hazardous materials. The items are then assessed to determine its recyclability. Those that can be recycled will go through a series of disposition stages including disassembling, shredding, sorting and repurposing.

We keep you up to date with where you’re waste is going and depending on what it is, you will receive a “destruction and recycling certificate” at the end of the process.


This step depends upon the nature of the item. For example: casings and batteries are removed from the phones and glass is removed from TV and monitors.


The shredded items are now sent to be sorted. Majority of the time, items are sorted through a manual process with a select few sorted by machines.


After some devices have been disassembled, they are then sent to a shredder. This process reduces the size of these items. Data destruction also takes place in this step.


Once the shredded material is sorted out, it is processed into its raw form. After this step, it is sold to suppliers and is turned into new products.

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