Fluorescent Tube Disposal

Are You in Need of a Service to Provide Fluorescent Tube Disposals in Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney? Learn How Ecoactiv Can Help

Finding convenient, yet affordable solutions to help your company recycle and better manage waste can be difficult. Recycling old computers, toxic materials, and even finding fluorescent tube disposals in the Sydney area is often challenging. Finding a company who can help you better control and manage e-waste, while offering compliance tools for employees is no easy task. Plus, finding a solution you can afford is generally difficult. Eco Activ can help your business better manage e-waste recycling and fluorescent tube disposals in the Melbourne or Brisbane areas.


Eco Activ was first formed in 1999 and has been helping companies reach affordable and obtainable solutions in the greater Sydney area. Since first opening its door nearly 16 years ago, Eco Activ has expanded, and is now an international company. However, its roots in Brisbane and Melbourne are still quite strong.

ECOACTIV prides itself on helping business find innovative and convenient ways to manage their e-waste. Things like fluorescent tube disposals, recycling old computer parts, and properly disposing of scientific and medical equipment. They offer pick up services, as well, making controlling your waste management easier than ever.

The ECOACTIV Difference

Why should you choose ECOACTIV over other waste management companies? atomoxetine online canada When researching and comparing like companies, you will easily find ECOACTIV’s experience in this field allows them to offer genuine perks that other companies are unable to meet. First of all, ECOACTIV offers all companies a free, no obligation price quote, that will be returned to the potential new customer within four business days. They will also contact your company to further discuss pricing and pick up needs, or to work out any specialised services your site might require. ECOACTIV is also not limited to large corporations, small businesses and government subsidiaries are welcome to use their services as well.

ECOACTIV also offers environmental compliance support for companies, such as supply chain franchises, that need help regulating government laws concerning waste disposal. They can help create compliance programs for your company, and make these rules easy to introduce, understand, follow, and explain to your employees.

Why Recycle of Use Fluorescent Tube Disposal Services?

Recycling fluorescent tubes can help keep your company in compliance with waste regulations as well as do you part for the environment. Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury and simply throwing these tubes away may cause environmental and human health harm. Many parts of fluorescent bulbs are able to be reused, so it makes sense to have them recycled.

Be smart about your waste management system for your Sydney company, and take advantage of ECOACTIV’s convenient and affordable e-waste services.

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