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Recycling should be as simple as purchasing electrical appliances.

Ecoactiv’s Platform makes it easy for homes, businesses, and schools to book a recycling service for any unwanted or end of life appliances – big or small – all year round.

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How to dispose of electrical appliances

When disposing of your unused or broken electrical goods, the safest and most responsible way to do it is by recycling. These items are composed of a huge variety of materials.

Electrical appliances can be recycled in 2 different ways with Ecoactiv. You can book a collection to have your items collected from any location, or simply drop them off at your nearest Ecoactiv site. 

You can choose from 100 different appliances from the Ecoactiv Digital Platform, the most recycled items are listed below:

Why recycle electrical appliances?

By recycling, contamination can be avoided and the precious materials can be conserved, helping you recover valuable materials such as metal, plastic, glass as well as other non-renewable sources. This creates a closed-loop in the economy and gives these materials a new lease on life.

Proper disposal and recycling also keep toxic substances such as mercury, cadmium, and lead from entering the environment.

Electrical Appliances are filling our landfills in Australia 


Australians own more than 45 million household appliances. 2.5 million of these are discarded each year and potentially sent straight to landfill. 

Disposal of unwanted electrical appliances is a responsibility for all households and businesses. It’s become an increasingly important issue, as we are consuming more raw materials. Typically, these materials are renewable and should be repurposed, however, end up in the bin and eventually in landfill. 

Everyday items such as toasters, lamps, freezers, toasters and kettles become electronic waste or e-waste when discarded. Over time, these materials release toxic substances that leach into soil and water, damaging the ecosystem and causing irreversible harm to the environment.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What happens when electrical appliances are recycled?

    Electrical appliances are dismantled and the different components are sorted. Many materials including glass, copper, plastics, metals, and precious metals, are recovered for further processing and eventual use in the manufacture of new products.


    Why can’t I throw electrical appliances in the bin?

    Putting electrical appliances in your rubbish bin or any other receptacle for landfill is illegal in both Victoria and South Australia and other states are working towards this ban too. Over 90% of e-waste can be recycled to reclaim precious metals including gold, silver, platinum, tin, copper, nickel, cobalt, zinc, and aluminum. 


    Do I need to package up my items for collection?

    Yes, every item big or small needs to be packaged. Sending your old or unwanted items to be recycled is different from putting it out on the kerbside for landfill. It is important your item arrives at the recycler intact to maximize its recyclability.