E-Waste Collection and Recycling for Households, Businesses & Education

We provide e-waste and electronics collection and disposal services to residents, businesses and schools Australia-wide.
You can drop off your electronics at your nearest collection centre or have it picked up from your home or office. There are hundreds of transfer stations in our network and collectors in every state. Melbourne. Sydney. Adelaide. You name it!
Our partnership Apple means that your e-waste disposal service is FREE. We also work with charities to give you the option to donate your electronics.

Book your e-waste disposal service in 4 easy steps

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Tell us what electronic items you want to recycle
Provide us with the location of your goods
Choose between a pick up or drop off service

What you can recycle with EcoActiv

Everything from your old kitchen appliances, entertainment unit to office electronics, can be recycled and disposed by EcoActiv. If it has a cord, plug or batteries, you can recycle it!
  • LCD/FLAT/CRT Monitors
  • Copiers, Printers, Scanners, Fax machines
  • Laptops/PC/Desktop/Tower Servers
  • Cabinet Servers
  • Mobile phones, desk landlines and phone accessories
  • Computer equipment and accessories e.g. cables, webcams
  • Storage media eg. tapes, discs, memory sticks
  • Cameras & Photographic equipment
  • Business Imaging equipment, cartridges & consumables
  • Used Lead Acid Batteries & Handheld Batteries
  • Small Appliances, Major Appliances & White goods
  • Consumer Electronics eg. TVs, VCR & DVD players
  • Portable devices eg. Two-way radios, pagers, MP3 players
  • Game consoles, electronic toys, hobby equipment
  • Light bulbs, Lamps, Globes, Fluorescent Tubes
  • Car Batteries

Play your part and recycle your e-Waste

Australia is among one of the countries that produce the most e-Waste. The average Australian household generates 73kg of e-waste a year. For a family of five, that’s 140kg or 1.4 tonnes over 10 years! As a country, that’s 700,000 tons!

Most of our unwanted electronics end up in landfills. This impacts our environment as harmful chemicals in some of the e-Waste seep into soil, water and air.

By recycling your electronic items, you’re doing your part in addressing our landfill problem. Whether you’re a resident or a business and regardless of which state you’re from (Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide, etc.), you can count on EcoActiv for e-Waste recycling and electronic disposal services. 

Nothing goes to the landfill with EcoActiv

Our collection and recycling services are underpinned by the circular economy. This means that we make the most of earth’s natural resources and minimise waste.

By diverting waste from landfill, we prevent toxic materials such as mercury, lead, chromium, and cadmium from leeching into our soil, water and air.

Did you know? About 15 percent of gold is recovered from electronic waste globally. EcoActiv can help dig those goldmines for you!

Why you should recycle your e-Waste with EcoActiv

1. It’s better for the environment and human wellbeing. e-Waste recycling prevents toxic chemicals and materials from polluting our water, air and soil. The fumes, particles or remnants of electronic waste can also pose a risk to wellbeing. Consumption or inhalation of chemicals or waste remnants can cause illnesses and diseases in serious case scenarios.

2. Make the most of the limited resources we have. Most of Earth’s natural resources used to manufacture electronic items come in limited quantities. By recycling your electronics, you’re providing materials that can be reused or regenerated into another product.

3. Address the landfill problem. The landfill is a big problem globally and every country is looking for ways to reduce the amount of waste produced and dumped. By recycling your e-waste, you are diverting the product from going to landfill and alleviating the issue.

4. Create more jobs. Growing the e-Waste recycling sector will require more hands. More people are needed for the pick up, collection,  recycling and regenerative process. This means that more workers will play a part in the circular economy.

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Digital Collection & Recycling Platform Coming Soon…

Soon you’ll be able to book all of your collection and recycling events online! At any time of the day. All year round. All from the touch of a screen.
The platform caters to all waste categories – everything from electronics to furniture to apparel. It’s a whole of house, whole of business, whole of building solution.

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