Batteries can be recycled one of two ways with Ecoactiv

Handheld batteries can be recycled through the Ecoactiv Platform or through the prepaid battery buckets that you can purchase from the Ecoactiv Shop. Other types of batteries such as car batteries, laptop batteries, power banks or USP backup batteries can be recycled through the Ecoactiv Platform.


Recycle your batteries through the Ecoactiv Platform

The Ecoactiv Platform has over 20 types of batteries and power supplies you can choose to recycle, including a range of single-use and rechargeable batteries, car batteries, back up and power banks.

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Below are the different types of batteries you can recycle on the Ecoactiv Platform. Click on any of the battery types below to start your online booking process.


By purchasing a battery bucket for your home, office, or school

For safe, reliable, and simple battery recycling at home, office, or schools – you can also order prepaid collection service for batteries of 1, 4, or 10L buckets.

These buckets are handy to have and top up with batteries laying around the house or your office. When they’re filled up, contact our team for a collection.


1L Battery Container
$82.50 (includes recycling)


4L Battery Container
$121.00 (includes recycling)


10L Battery Container
$192.50 (includes recycling)


Here’s how the battery bucket recycling works

  1. Subscribe – Purchase the prepaid Ecoactiv Recycling service from our online shop. Once your order has been processed, an Ecoactiv battery collection container will be dispatched within 5 working days.
  2. Fill – Place your Collection Box in a prominent place to promote and encourage the recycling of batteries.
  3. Secure – When the container is full, secure with the plastic lid provided.
  4. Return for recycling – Call Ecoactiv on: 1800 489 278 or email: to arrange a pick-up for your full container.
  5. Repeat – Purchase a replacement collection box from our online shop to continue recycling your globes or tubes with us.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What battery sizes can I recycle?

    • Alkaline batteries including AA, AAA, C, and D sizes, as well as rectangular 6 and 9-volt batteries. 
    • Button cell batteries used in watches, cameras, toys, clocks, and other small devices, comprising Lithium, Silver, Zing, and other chemistries. 
    • All handheld batteries with chemistries including alkaline, zinc-carbon, and lithium. 

    Rechargeable batteries accepted:

    • Batteries used in handheld products and devices including Nickel Cadmium (NiCD, NC), Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH, NM), and Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) chemistries. 

    What happens to the batteries after they get collected?

    Batteries collected through Ecoactiv are safely transported to a specialist facility where they are sorted by chemistry or battery type. Depending on battery chemistry, they are subsequently transported to local and overseas recyclers under strict standards, guidelines, and approvals for processing and materials recovery. As community awareness and collection volumes increase, local processing of alkaline and lithium batteries may become commercially viable.

    The Ecoactiv Battery Recycling service is operated by Activ Group, a specialist product recovery and environment stewardship organisation that is focused on environmentally sound supply chain solutions for consumers, business and government agencies. Ecoactiv is a member of the Australian Battery Recycling Initiative (ABRI) and has adopted the ABRI Packaging guidelines for used handheld batteries. For more information about ABRI look here.

    A distinguishing feature of the purpose-built Ecoactiv Battery collection container is the Micro-Porous Gause Vent that allows venting for either pressure or vacuum relief. This provides an added level of storage safety by way of allowing any build of gases to easily and safely escape.

    Who can I contact if I need assistance?

    Ecoactiv Helpdesk: 

    Hotline — 1800 489 278 (Availale 9am – 5pm EST)
    Email —