Low-Cost, Consumer friendly battery recycling in melbourne, brisbane, and sydney

The number of batteries that are used and then thrown away each year in Australia is staggering. Approximately 264 million batteries are discarded annually, with a large portion of them ending up in landfills in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and elsewhere around the nation. These batteries can lead to potential environmental and human health problems. Battery recycling in Brisbane, for example, is one way to help reduce the number of batteries in landfills and help the environment. ECOACTIV is an Australian company that provides a low-cost, easy battery recycling program.

ECOACTIV Programs For Battery Recycling In Melbourne

Recycling batteries is a great way to reduce the amount that end up in landfills. Most businesses and households agree that they would recycle batteries if it were easy and hassle-free. ECOACTIV provides just that. Interested parties can sign up for the program on the company website, www.ECOACTIV.com.au. Those who enter the program receive battery collection containers. The containers are to be placed in locations that are out of direct sunlight and away from heat. When batteries reach of the end of their lifespan, they are placed into the containers for recycling. When the collection containers are full, they are sealed and ECOACTIV is contacted to come and pick them up. New containers are ordered and the process repeats. ECOACTIV battery recycling programs are an effective way to keep batteries out of landfills.

Why Battery Recycling Is Important

As stated, the number of batteries in landfills across Australia is huge. The equivalent of roughly 12,000 tonnes of waste is produced by used batteries, with 8,000 tonnes going to landfills. Batteries contain toxic chemicals and metals such nickel, lead, mercury, and cadmium. These substances can work their way into groundwater, which can present numerous problems to the surrounding environment as well as humans. Battery recycling in Sydney recovers materials that can be used in the manufacture of new products. The removal of batteries from landfills is a key to producing those new goods.

ECOACTIV Provides Other Product Waste And Recycling Services

In addition to battery recycling in cities such as Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, ECOACTIV provides a number of other product waste management services. When companies replace outdated computers, something must be done with the old ones. ECOACTIV can provide a safe and environmentally friendly method of disposal. The company works with a number of specialised computer recycling companies in Australia to make sure that all materials collected are dismantled properly and processed according to the highest environmental standards. ECOACTIV also understands the importance of data security when disposing of and recycling computers.

ECOACTIV also has in place product recovery programs designed to collect and recycle unwanted E waste. The materials are collected so that they can be reused in the manufacturing of new products. ECOACTIV provides this service to businesses, government, and other organisations across Australia.

If your business or household has battery recycling or computer recycling needs, visit the ECOACTIV website, www.ECOACTIV.com.au to learn more. You can request a free quote online, or you can call 1800 489 278 and speak to a representative directly.