20 Types of Batteries You Can Recycle

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20 Types of Batteries You Can Recycle

By August 28, 2020 September 10th, 2020 No Comments

Why batteries need to be recycled 

Times are changing. Our use of batteries is growing exponentially as new technology and products emerge. 

Batteries remain an essential item for Australian households. However, the problem is while batteries fuel our everyday products they also contribute to toxic landfills. For the most part, batteries are rechargeable but still end up in landfill together with other non-rechargeable batteries. The problem is rooted in the misconception that they belong in the garbage bin, when in fact, contain precious materials that can be recovered and reused.

There are numerous organizations working to divert batteries out of landfill, with the ultimate goal of assisting people to properly dispose of their batteries via on-site drop-offs. This method is prone to complications such as battery leaking, which is problematic as more toxic chemicals can be dangerous when exposed to skin or surfaces.

In order to make the task hassle-free, you can purchase a pre-paid battery bucket or book a home or office collection through the Ecoactiv Platform. Meanwhile, we need to work towards the habit to consciously recycle items that we don’t need anymore.

Environmental impact of batteries

Ecotoxicity and water pollution are a by-product of the emission of battery chemicals released into aquatic ecosystems. Incorrect handling of waste batteries can result in the release of corrosive liquids and dissolved metals that are toxic to plants and animals.

Imagine living in a place where oceans and all water streams are polluted with toxic chemicals and metal particles, destroying the earth’s atmosphere and safe drinking water. Where filtration systems are in place, would have to work double the effort and time to remove water from toxic, if not, lethal chemicals. 

This could actually happen if batteries are lying all over the place, thus leaving nothing as a legacy to future generations.

Battery Recycling in Melbourne Protects the Environment

Ecoactiv provides recycling services for numerous electronics and has years of experience in the property disposal and recycling sector. Batteries are becoming a problem in Australia as they create approximately 12,000 tonnes of waste. A good portion of those used batteries, roughly two-thirds, end up in landfills.

Batteries are embedded in at least 5 of your everyday items and rely on an ongoing supply of energy. Some of the most common items are:

As time goes by, an accumulation of batteries starts to build up, and take up room in your home, workspace, and garage, leaving you with no choice but to dispose of it general waste bins. So what should you do?

You can streamline the process of recycling ALL your Alkaline, Lithium-ion, Nickel, and Lead batteries, whether it be at home, school or work, all through a battery recycling plan with Ecoactiv. By simply purchasing a battery bucket, you can fill your bucket with both single-use, rechargeable batteries. Batteries for cars, laptops, and power can be recycled through the Digital Ecoactiv platform. 

You can recycle 20 different types of batteries

We believe that innovation will never cease to exists. Modern technology will continue to operate on batteries. This inherently increases the amount of demand for batteries, therefore battery waste. By providing a service that simplifies the process of recycling 20 different batteries, we can expect to see more people knowing what to do with all their batteries at the end of their life.

These are the list of batteries that you can recycle through our battery recycling plan and digital platform:

Our service is distinguished by its user-friendly, cost-efficient, and straightforward process. Once your batteries are collected, it is transported to a specialist facility where they are sorted by chemistry or battery type. You can learn more about how we recycle batteries in our blog  {link to How batteries are recycled in Australia}

For more information or a free quote, you can enquire about the different plans that are best suited to your needs.