Recycle or donate your unwanted items with Ecoactiv

Pick ups and drop offs available to homes and commercial businesses in Metro & Regional Australia

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Over 12 Different Categories & 800 Items. Year-round Collection

You can have a range of items collected from your home and either recycled or donated

Items need to meet certain criteria to be considered as donatable

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Here's how to book your next collection

The Ecoactiv Platform is a digital site where you can book and recycle a range of home or office items.

  1. Make a list of your items on the Ecoactiv Platform
  2. Enter in your location and contact details
  3. Choose from the list of recycling and donation quoted options available to you
  4. Choose between an at-home collection or drop off at a nearby site
  5. Package up your items and label your boxes

Doing the right thing should be easy
Here’s how we make it possible


You can book a collection and recycling when you need it. Our services are available all year round and can be booked online.


We offer the highest standard of recycling, so when you recycle your items through the Platform, you’re doing your part in closing the loop and help tackle Australia’s waste problem.


You design the service that best suits you, from choosing a day for the collection, between pick up and drop off and recycling and donation.


You can track every point of the disposal journey, from the moment it’s collected to when it arrives to the recycler and when it is processed. At the end, you will receive a certificate of recycling.

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Ecoactiv is partnered with a number of national retailers and brand and working towards a rewards program.


When you recycle any electronics through the emeals program, 5 meals will be donated to people in need through SecondBite.

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